William Glasper,
Office Administrator
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Greetings, Valley Community!

My name is William Glasper, your Office Administrator as of August 2018. My passion for organized creativity has guided my professional experience in administration for over 6 years, and now that “Valley Vibe” has been added to both my professional and personal experience.

In 2012 I graduated from The Art Institutes International Minnesota with a Bachelor of Science in Advertising & Marketing. I have found that administration combines both left and right brain thinking, which speaks to both my education background and passion for organization and creativity. I am enjoying using both talents here at Valley. 

I quickly learned that Valley is passionate about family and creating unity. Professionally, I have applied that as collaboration to reach a common goal. This aligns with my personal and professional values. I believe that collaboration is key, and with my personable nature, collaboration is desirable.

Outside of business hours, I thoroughly enjoy arts and crafts that I use as décor in my home and give away to loved ones. I also enjoy all things health and beauty. Sheila Sheldon and I love conversing about teas and essential oils. I love games such as chess and Scrabble. My friend and I even customized our own board game. Indulging in self-awareness and philosophy books is also something I find great pleasure in. Finally, I am a big-time music lover. I grew up listening to all kinds of music, my dad was and still is in his own band, and I was brought to various concerts. I started out playing the drums at age 4, maintaining two different rhythms. At age 12, I started taking piano lessons with the one, the only, Sue Ruby! Despite sporadic hiatuses, Sue and I maintain a great musical relationship.

I look forward to more!