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Fridays in the Valley Founders
(Vicki and Sue)

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”  Victor Hugo

Valley Community Presbyterian Church has long enjoyed a rich musical heritage. Building on this tradition, Fridays in the Valley was created for local musicians to showcase their talents while providing a benefit for local charities.

Fridays in the Valley is an eclectic mix of quality musicians performing in an intimate setting, making fine music accessible to our community.

Funding for the Fridays in the Valley concert series is made possible by a gift from Greg and Mary Rom.

A partial list of previous musical groups to perform at the Fridays in the Valley concert series include:

Dolce Wind Quartet


Dueling Quartet

Pavia Wind Quintet

Prairie Fire Lady Choir

Good News Big Band

Twin Cities Horn Club

Twin Cities Trumpet Ensemble

Victory Park Brass

Stone Arch Collective

Incidental Trio

A Little Tango In Her Blood

Northern Lights String Quartet






Liberty 21st Century Academy in North Minneapolis provides a supportive community that encourages scholars to embrace an academically challenging lifestyle through nurturing relationships, strategic partnerships and creative entrepreneurship.

Empty Bowls This is our home. We are humbled by your generosity and contributions to Empty Bowls. Without all of you, we could not do this. As a community, we are banded together to help each other; whether that help be in making bowls, donating to this cause or participating in filling and eating what we can put in these bowls.

MN Food Share/PRISM Minnesota FoodShare addresses food insecurity and poverty by engaging communities throughout the state via education and state and federal advocacy efforts. Minnesota FoodShare also provides resources to Minnesota food shelves through the annual Minnesota FoodShare March Campaign.

The 30-Days Foundation Many of you may be unfamiliar with The 30-Days Foundation. Some of you may be quite familiar with its founder, Mick Stirling, a local artist/composer/musician. Mick sings in many venues around the Twin Cities and is a vital part of the Bayfront Festival in Duluth (you my be one of the 20,000 annually that have been in that audience) Mick Stirling remembers when life was not easy, and as a result of that memory and his growing financial security, he believed he should give back, or pay it forward. Since 2011, The 30-Days Foundation has assisted over 80,000 families with one-time financial grants payable only to the service provider that needs payment. "If you ask us for help," Mick says, "you will have our answer within 30 days." (maximum one-time grants are $1,500). Among the foundation's nearly 40 partners are Mary's Place, People Incorporated and PRISM. Michelle Ness, CEO of PRISM, says, Mick and The 30-Days Foundation are great. Your support for him also impacts PRISM.

Crisis Nursery The mission of the Nursery is to end child abuse and neglect and create strong, healthy families through safety, courage, respect, community, inclusion, collaboration, excellence, and diversity.

The Father Project is here to assist fathers in overcoming the barriers that prevent them from supporting their children economically and emotionally.

Dinner at Your Door is an ecumenical, non-profit community service program, serving Crystal, Golden Valley, New Hope, Eastern Plymouth and Robbinsdale. The program is sponsored by churches and civic organizations as well as Crystal Community Center’s Volunteers of America Senior Dinning Program as an expression of their love and concern for people. Our program furnishes hot, nourishing meals at a nominal fee to shut-ins who can’t cook for themselves. Meals are planned by Dieticians according to the individual’s needs and delivered by volunteers from churches and civic organizations. Donations from individuals and organizations make this program possible.