Giving a gift that keeps on giving.
Have you ever wished you could support VCPC and improve Valley's financial security at the same time? The Valley Community Presbyterian Church Endowment is a way for members and friends of Valley to give a gift to the church that keeps on giving. The original amount of your gift is never spent while a portion of the income derived from investing your gift is used each year to provide funding for various future church needs and mission programs.

2012 Grant for New Playground Equipment

There are many ways to give and many financial benefits to giving. Planning your estate and a legacy for future generations takes careful thought. We urge you to consult with appropriate legal and tax professionals. Discussing your wishes with members of the Endowment Committee will assure that your gift is used just as you desire it to be. We can give you valuable information about any of the giving methods mentioned here.

Thanks to the generosity of Valley members and other donors, the value of our Endowment has grown. Your gift may be designated for one or more of the specific funds or may be undesignated, in which case 80% will be allocated to the general fund and 20% to the mission fund.

The Valley Endowment has provided numerous grants since its inception to various organizations and individuals. Grant request guidelines reflect Valley's Mission Statement. If you would like to have the Endowment committee consider your need, please use these guidelines when submitting a request.

Please feel free to contact:

Pat Daily (Chairperson), This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or Greg Rom (Endowment Treasurer) with questions.

Current Endowment Committee Members:
Mike Pinter
, Secretary - Class of 2023
Pat Daily, Chair - Class of 2022
Val Herring - Class of 2021
Art LaPoint - Class of 2020
Greg Van Heest - Class of 2019
Greg Rom, Treasurer and ex officio
Jim Payne, Finance Chair
Richard Buller, Pastor and ex officio