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For it is to such as these that the kingdom of God belongs. -Luke 18:16

Children bring to us joy, wonder, and a gift of faith. It is through our children that we can experience a fresh look at the new life that Jesus offers us each and every day.

Faith Formation
for preschool through 3rd grade
Faith formation is at the heart of what the Christian life is about. We engage in faith formation in our homes, communities, schools, work places and faith communities. At Valley, two of the ways that we engage with children in faith formation is through worship and faith formation classes. In faith formation classes, children and volunteers, both teens and adults engage with children to learn about their Reformed heritage, explore the Bible, and adopt core Christian values of love, peace, joy, and hope.

Faith Formation runs ten weeks in the fall and ten weeks in the spring with school holiday breaks for grades 1st-3rd. Our preschool/kindergarten class meets year round with breaks for the holidays.

TEAMS (Technology Engineering Arts Math and Science)
for 4th and 5th graders, Sundays 6:00-8:00 p.m. during the fall and spring
We connect our faith to God’s world by cultivating the ability for children to solve real-world problems and become faithful stewards of God’s creation. We teach young people to think through the potential impacts and benefits of scientific progress, as well as develop their personal and communal ethics, allowing them to boldly and thoughtfully engage the world. For more information, visit the TEAMS website.

Smith Family

After attending a wedding at Valley and getting to know Pastor Richard and his wife - Jean Ann, we decided to visit on Sunday a few weeks later as we were searching for a new church home. Feeling like kids on the first day of school, we apprehensively shuffled out of the sanctuary following the service and were immediately approached by warm smiling faces. We agreed to partake in the beloved coffee and donut hour where we met more people than we could count. In that moment, we were home!

Everyone at Valley is part of a family. We take care of each others kids, host birthday parties for one another and generally “do life” together. Our community, however, doesn’t just include those of us who sit next to one another on Sundays. There is no shortage of opportunities to make an impact outside the Valley walls.

One more thing worth highlighting is that Valley loves our little worshipers. They are beloved members within the community; they have their own special play space IN the sanctuary, partake in a children’s sermon during Sunday service and have an abundance of programming to learn, grow and just be kids. This place is truly special; I do not know what we would do without Valley.