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August 2, 2020

PRISM School Supplies


Where will our children and youth be going to school for this fall term? In fact, will schools, colleges, universities, trade schools & institutes be offering “on-site classroom,” virtual teaching or a combination curriculum? The answer is still a bit uncertain for many, but for students in grades 1-12, one thing is still certain. They will need school supplies. Teachers in the district have provided suggestions for donations based on grade-levels.

Here in the Valley, we have been one of seven drop-off sites for donations to support students in District 281. Funds and supplies are being collected, and the initial response has been significant. Our Valley members are being generous in contributing, and backpacks in great number have been collected to be stocked with appropriate supplies. Valley’s Endowment Committee has also chipped in significantly to support PRISM’s need for masks, as well as school supplies. Education for our children and youth has long been a priority for us.

PRISM will be distributing backpacks on its site in a “drive up, stay in your car” procedure, which has been very successful for food distribution during this pandemic and the social distancing safety concern. Families will make pickups on Fridays, August 21 & 28, with pre-arranged “appointments.” Registration will remain open until Aug. 14, and there are still some open spots. Spread the word to those you think might not be aware of this opportunity. Valley will complete packing backpacks on August 19 to be delivered to PRISM. Administrators, faculty and parents are working hard at making education as meaningful as possible during this pandemic. Let’s do what we can to insure that the struggle does not include having enough school supplies.

There is still plenty of time to donate supplies and funds for this important project. Our response has always been between “good” and “very good.” At a time like this, let’s move the needle to MAGNIFICENT… because we can. After all, Jesus loves! Valley cares!