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YAV, COVID-19 & the Pentecost Offering


Next Sunday is Pentecost Sunday and we celebrate that day as the birthday of the church. Birthdays are usually days when we bring gifts, and you are invited to give a gift to the PC (USA) Pentecost Offering. 60% of your gift will support our denomination’s ministries with children, youth and “YAVs” – Young Adult Volunteers. Many of you are aware of the Presbyterian Online Journal, Unbound, which is an interactive journal of Christian social justice. 

Since COVID-19 arrived, our Young Adult Volunteers have partnered with Unbound to provide a resource for young adults seeking to find important positions for service that make a difference. A chat room on Facebook (FacebookLive@JusticeUnbound) has been created which addresses such matters as the racial and economic disparities exposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Young adults are also examining issues such as voting rights, mental health, gun violence and religious freedom. Presbyterian Funding is needed to help support this meaningful venture.

This is one of the main reasons we are asking for your generous Pentecost birthday gift support. Our young adults, as well as our children-at-risk and our denominational youth programs depend on this offering. These funds allow us to continue the growth and service opportunities for our younger family members.

Your gift, to be received this month, can simply be designated “Pentecost,” whether you give by check or online. Next week we will highlight our Kid Pack program that will receive the other 40% of the gift.

So think of how we can help youth through this gift as you wash your hands singing “Happy Birthday, dear church” a couple of times. What you do matters, and your gifts will be gratefully received. Let “Happy Birthday” resound in the Valley, where our children are loved, valued, encouraged, and supported!