People Responding in Social Ministry (PRISM) is a strong local community organization that supplies genuine needs for people left vulnerable from hunger, joblessness, and homelessness. PRISM is much more than a food shelf and its passionate and professional staff help thousands of families within our community each year.

As one of the flagship and charter members in starting PRISM, Valley continues to be a strong ally by donating food, funds, and clothing year round.

How does Valley work with PRISM?

Valley contributes to the PRISM food shelf weeklyand designates that hte first Sunday of each month is "Food Shelf Sunday." Valley also 'Fills the Pews' every March during Minnesota's March Food Drive - where food and cash donations are matched.

Valley donates toys and fits and hosts PRISM's annual Holiday Shoppe gift distribution day. Valley members donate used books to the PRISM library for distribution to the clients. The remaining books are purchased by an organization which pays cash to PRISM.

Empty Bowls and Souper Bowl of Caring events also help raise funds for PRISM.

Members of our congregation also sit on the Faith Partners Board of PRISM, a group of about 15 faith organizations who work as liaisons between PRISM and their place of worship.