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Worship Service Bulletin

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Sunday, December 9
Second Sunday Advent: Peace
9:00 Worship Service
   Children & Youth Advent & Pageant Sunday
10:30 Worship Service
   Children & Youth Advent & Pageant Sunday

Sunday, December 16 
Third Sunday Advent: Joy
9:00 Worship Service
   Christmas Music Sunday
10:30 Worship Service
   Christmas Music Sunday

Sunday, December 23
Fourth Sunday Advent: Love
10:00 One Worship Service
   Rev. Sarah Bigwood preaching

December 24 Christmas Eve
5:00 pm Christmas Eve Family Service
10:00 pm Christmas Eve Candlelight & Communion 

Sunday, December 30
10:00 One Worship Service
   Rev. Deb Demeester Preaching
   Rev. Jim Cook assisting

Roderick Phipps-Kettlewell, Music Director with Choir

Valley has a long and rich musical heritage. There are many opportunities to listen and participate.

Valley’s choir is a fun-loving group with a range of ages who enjoy singing together, led by our talented Music Director, Roderick Phipps-Kettlewell. The Valley choir sings weekly from September to May during the 9:00 worship service. You don’t need to be an accomplished singer to join the choir.  Everyone is welcome to join the choir for rehearsal on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm. The choir also meets at 8:15 on Sunday mornings before the service. 

Hand Bell Choir
Our bell choir is led by director, Janet Carlson. They play one Sunday a month from September to May and rehearse on Tuesday nights at 6:30 pm. Valley Church is blessed to own a 5 octave set of hand bells. Even if you’ve never played, come join the group and learn.
Fridays in the Valley Concert Series
Valley Church is blessed with many accomplished professional musicians. Two of them, pianist Sue Ruby, and horn player, Vicki Wheeler, founded a concert series to provide a venue for their many musician colleagues to perform. Concerts include a wide variety of musicians and genres.

Each concert also receives a free will offering to benefit a different charity. As of December 31, 2017, the series has raised over $36,000 for various non-profit organizations and local charities in the area.

Join us for the concerts held on the second Friday night at 7:00 pm of each month from September to May. During June and July and the concerts are held on Sunday nights. Check out the 2017-18 Fridays in the Valley concert series brochure.

Special Music
Our congregation includes many talented and professional musicians. We are often treated to special performances as part of our worship services.

Richard and Melinda Marshall, Vicky Wheeler, Sue Ruby, Robin and Tai Chi Chen
Richard and Melinda Marshall, Vicki Wheeler, Sue Ruby, Robin and Taichi Chen


Smith Family

After attending a wedding at Valley and getting to know Pastor Richard and his wife - Jean Ann, we decided to visit on Sunday a few weeks later as we were searching for a new church home. Feeling like kids on the first day of school, we apprehensively shuffled out of the sanctuary following the service and were immediately approached by warm smiling faces. We agreed to partake in the beloved coffee and donut hour where we met more people than we could count. In that moment, we were home!

Everyone at Valley is part of a family. We take care of each others kids, host birthday parties for one another and generally “do life” together. Our community, however, doesn’t just include those of us who sit next to one another on Sundays. There is no shortage of opportunities to make an impact outside the Valley walls.

One more thing worth highlighting is that Valley loves our little worshipers. They are beloved members within the community; they have their own special play space IN the sanctuary, partake in a children’s sermon during Sunday service and have an abundance of programming to learn, grow and just be kids. This place is truly special; I do not know what we would do without Valley.