Ȟaȟa Wakpadaŋ / Bassett Creek Oral History Project Podcast

Ȟaȟa Wakpadaŋ / Bassett Creek Oral History Project Podcast

We are excited to announce a new development in the Ȟaȟa Wakpadaŋ / Bassett Creek Oral History Project! This fall, Hennepin History Museum (HHM) is developing a podcast series dedicated to the 15 Ȟaȟa Wakpadaŋ interviews.

For the first episode, please enjoy this conversation where Dr. Kasey Keeler gives an overview of the project.

Looking forward, the podcast is publishing three of the oral history interviews each week. So far, interviews have been released with Diane Wilson, renowned Dakota author and educator, and Benjamin Yawakie, a former Golden Valley resident and the first Indigenous member of the Minnesota Environmental Quality Board. As the episodes roll out, you can access them on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

We are so grateful to Hennepin History Museum for committing to this podcast project. Our hope is that this format will make the interviews more accessible to listeners, both in Minnesota and around the country and the world!

Photo Credit: Sean Gosiewski

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